Our Products & Services
To cater customers’ different needs we attempt to divide the products and services into 3 main categories:
1. Happy Kit
2. Retail Products
3. Party Packages

Happy Kit
The printables in a package! This is the most practical and economical product that we can offer you. You can throw a party already with this Happy Kit, anytime, anywhere within low budget. Happy Kit enables you to practice Do-It-Yourself project in preparing the party with your kids. This package consists of:
1. 30 pcs of Party Hats
2. 30 pcs of Invitation
3. 1 set of Flag Banner, wordings: HAPPY BIRTHDAY
4. Bonus:  circle /square shaped printable that can be used as topper / favor tag
For pricing, please email us: [email protected]

Retail Products
If you already have some party items checked on your availability list and only need some other to complete the remaining unchecked ones you may order partially to us and still match them to your party theme. This is the list of party items you may order individually:
– party hat
– party hat for birthday boy/girl
– invitation
– flag banner / bunting / flag garland
– souvenir
– goodie bags
– labels for items in goodie bags / dessert table
– balloon
– tissue pompom
– back drop banner / x banner
– masks
If you have other items not yet mentioned above please let us know as well and send your request for the price list to our email: [email protected]

Party Packages
Beside the Happy Kit, we have more complex packages to meet your party needs, especially if you have no slightest idea about party preparation.
A. Goodie Bag Package
B. Dessert Table Package
C. Dessert Table + Room Decoration Package
D. Party Organizer Package
Please refer to our postings to see our portfolio. Send emails to: [email protected] to get the price list.