Up Coming – Tayo Party Kit Ready Stock!

We usually produce customized party kit based on customers’ request. However since we receive a high demand on Tayo party kit, we’re planning to produce general Tayo party kit. We might only produce limited amount of sets, probably only 5 sets for this first attempt. So you may place your order from now. Items will be ready by August 2015

TAYO The Little Bus General Party Kit

1 set of Main party kit consists of: – 30 Postcard Invitations – 1 set of ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ Flag Banner – 30 Cone Party Hats – 30 Cake Round Toppers – 30 Useful Round Stickers ( 5.5 cm) – 30 Favor Tags Total USD 66.00 discounted to USD 59.00

Additional items: – 30 decor magnets = USD 45 – 30 spunbond tote bag = USD 50

For shipping cost, check here: http://ems.posindonesia.co.id/index.php?param=rat As a reference, shipping cost to USA is USD 33 (incl. tax) for 1 kilogram (fits 1 set of Main party kit)

Payment due via PayPal, account: myp[email protected]

Shipping duration: 1 – 2 weeks.

Place your order now because we will only produce limited sets for this start up!

If you like to place your order please fill up the form.
Under Requested Party Items, fill up with: Tayo PK-August15

Some samples of Tayo party kit that we have done before can be seen here.

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