Few notes to consider before placing order:
1. You may inquire our Price List. It will be sent to your email.
There are Individual Party Item, Packaged Party Kit, Souvenir & Goody Bag price lists.
2. There’s also minimum quantity order (stated in our Price List).
3. The perfect time to plan your party is 1 month before D-date. However you may place your order at least 2 weeks before party date. Earlier than that will be due to Priority Charge or possibly declined because we need to maintain quality service.
4. You may order other items that are not listed in our Price List. We can try to provide for you if possible.
5. If you have any questions please ask via Whatsapp, BBM or email stated in Contact-Us.
6. If you are ready to order please fill up our Order Form. DO NOT order via Whatsapp / BlackBerry messenger as it’s not automatically tracked and saved.
7. We will send you Down Payment Invoice if your order is over Rp 300,000. Otherwise Full Payment invoice will be sent.
8. We will start designing your custom party kit after DP (or FP) is completed.
9. We will show you the design to get your approval before printing & assembling process.
10. Outstanding Payment is to be completed before the party kit sent over to your postal address.
11. Please inform us when you receive your party kit. It’ll be very nice of you if you send or tag us some photos during the party with our products applied.