Abigail’s Mom Chose Pink!


invitation, party hat, dessert table, bunting

The Sunday school room was quite different on that Sunday morning in March, 2013. Balloons, buntings, ribbons, tissue pom-pom and other decorations were hung and placed festively. Tart cake, cupcakes, party hats and goody-bags were nicely arranged on the dessert table – which was transformed from boring-looking wooden old church table. Pink Flower Garden is the party theme. However the items are not all in pink colors but rather in complementing pastel colors.


One by one kids are entering and filling that medium-size room. The girls are in pink, the boys are in blue. That’s the dress-code colors. Wearing party hats, they were happily singing ‘happy birthday to Abby’ lead by the host. Abby is wearing a party hat too, off course, but a special one! Together with her proud mom and dad, she blew her first candle and cut her first cake.

This simply sweet party were initiated by Abby’s mom, Yuli about 2 months in advance. She asked me if I could help designing the party items that match the whole theme. She wanted them in pink hue, that’s it, without any cartoon characters or figures featured. Since ‘pink’ is a very wide theme, I narrowed it to ‘pink flower garden’. She thought that was a good idea! 🙂

With the D-I-Y party kit Yuli easily prepared her daughter’s party days before D-day. With the help of her husband, me and a few friends the room setting and decoration was ready in less than 4 hours. Without any background of design field she basically the master-mind of this sweet party. D-I-Y party kits designed to enable ordinary people creates extraordinary party!



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